Our Mission:



Our Mission

is to catalyze a diverse community of youth to explore, articulate, and pursue
their purpose.

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nXu Fellowship

The nXu Fellowship is a selective, 1-year out-of-school program in New York City, San Antonio, Texas and Seattle, Washington that follows Fellows through 10th and 11th grade. We bring together racially and socioeconomically diverse cohorts of high schoolers from different school types to explore, articulate, and pursue their purpose in life.

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I am so grateful I was given the opportunity to immerse myself in a totally new environment and meet other [kids] who come from different backgrounds but share similar passions with me. It was such an adventure and way more educational, empowering, and supportive than I expected any program could be.
— 2017 nXu Fellow
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nXu In-School Programming

At nXu, we believe that socioemotional learning—the development of an understanding of one’s self and others—is the backbone of purpose development.  And we believe we have the potential to play a key role in supporting schools to incorporate purpose-related programming into their schools.

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